Hello, Blogosphere … I’m back!

Welcome to my 474849275th attempt at a “blog”!

I think the biggest problem with keeping most of my previous blogs up-to-date was that they were often limited to just one theme (i.e. cancer, childhood stories). Not this time! Here, I plan to blab about whatever I feel like sharing with my two readers on any given day. If you’d like to follow the progress of my in-the-works “memoir”, you’ll find those updates here! If anything changes with my cancer treatment (which, let’s hope it doesn’t) I’ll post about it on this very blog! Prepare to read about such thrilling topics as my genealogy (my list of ancestors and distant cousins is pretty fascinating, if I do say so myself!); The Think Tank (that’s the radio show I host with my husband, in case you didn’t know); road trips; train trips; quirky Silky terriers; moody “meezers”; awesome antique store finds; TV or book snark … if you’re lucky, I might get really provocative and post about what I ate for lunch that day.

Seriously, I hope I can keep this blog going. Especially since I’ve started the process of Officially Writing A Book (it’s too late to back out now!); however, conquering writer’s block (not to mention worrying for way too long about whether each word I put down “sounds right” or not)  has proved challenging most days. We all know from English class that the only way to get past writer’s block and improve one’s writing is to WRITE. Right?

So do you think I am up to the task?